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Welcome to Rainbow Art School!


Rainbow Art School has been teaching drawing, painting and all different types of art to both young and old artists of all ages ranging from 4 and beyond. Rainbow Art School was first opened in 2005 and still continues to inspire many individuals. 

Our Classes



  • Dali/ Ages:4-6

  • Monet/ Ages:6-8

  • Picasso/ Ages:8-12

  • Gauguin/ Ages:12-15

  • Mini School Program

  • Portfolio Development 

Lemons on Canvas
Abstract Straight Lines
Still Life Painting Artwork
Zebra Pattern Painting
Electricity for a Small Town
Avocado Watercolor Print
Black Oil Painting
Bright Abstract Painting
Tropical Leaves
Tea Cup in Watercolor
Artist Drawing Landscape
Wood and Brick Street Art
Tube of Blue Paint
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